The publication is assigned ISSN, DOI

Dear authors and readers! The second issue of the journal containing 48 articles has been published. The journal "Daghestan DAU Proceedings" has been assigned the International Standard Serial Number. ISSN is a unique number that allows you to identify any periodical publication, regardless of where it is published, in what language, in which medium. The ISSN of the journal "Daghestan DAU Proceedings" is 2686-7591

Each issue of our network electronic journal is assigned DOI, a special identifier that identifies the electronic location of the document.

DOI 10.15217 / ISSN2686-7591 / 2019/1; DOI 10.15217 / ISSN2686-7591 / 2019/2; DOI 10.15217 / ISSN2686-7591 / 2019/3; DOI 10.15217 / ISSN2686-7591 / 2019/4

The main goal of digital object identifier (DOI) is the exchange of data in the scientific community. Using this digital identifier is very convenient, since you can find certain books or scientific articles with it. It is recognized by the system without error, due to which it is quite effective in finding the necessary publications in periodicals. The world scientific community practically does not recognize the articles without DOI - they are unstable on the Internet, may be lost or completely disappear. And this negatively affects the author’s citation index.

DOI is a special identifier assigned to a digital object (in the form of a scientific article or some other work) and identifies the electronic location of the document; a set of structured and extensible information that describes the data of an object; other identifiers. Scientific citation databases, which include the RSCI journal, are available on the following sites: даггау.рф; At the request of the authors, all articles are assigned an international digital object identifier (DOI).

Date of publication: 28.06.2019г.